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about rain

The World is facing a water crisis – over a billion people world-wide do not have access to fresh drinking water and alongside growing evidence of Global Warming, the World’s water reserves are drying up. The last World Economic Forum named Water Crisis as the #1 Global Risk. (See Report)

Sales of bottled water have seen exponential growth over recent years and that market is set to expand, increasingly quickly.

Here in ‘100% Pure’ New Zealand – one of the cleanest, nuclear-free countries in the World – we have a lot of rain.

With only 4 million people in a geographically isolated country the size of the UK, there is no city pollution – and not many cars. Without a nationwide water system, most New Zealanders living in rural areas harvest this abundant rain-water and use it for every aspect of life.

New Zealand rain tastes like pure heaven. It has no chlorine and is equally soft on clothes and pipework – and we have more rain than we need.

we want to share the rain and are seeking your help.


‘The land of the long white cloud’

New Zealand is one of the most isolated countries in the World. And one of the wettest.

harvesting rain

Rainwater harvesting has been practiced for over 4000 years and pre-dates mineral spring water sourcing. Over 10% of New Zealand’s population drink rain – rain harvesting is a familiar and well supported kiwi practice

nz rainfall

Heavy rainfall is one of the most frequent and widespread severe weather hazards in New Zealand. Milford Sound in the South receives over 6 metres of rain per year.

New Zealand is famous for being 100% Pure – and for it’s rain

rain farms

We plan rain farms at 4 locations around New Zealand. The areas of NZ that receive maximum rainfall – are also farthest away fromsources of air pollutants such as cities (we only have 2 or 3 small ones anyway) and roads (most of which are single lane highways). 

water consumption

There is a growing global water crisis. 20% of the population do not have access to safe drinking water. Bottled water sales rise every year by 10% – yet it is estimated that 47.8% of America’s bottled water.. comes from public water sources.


It’s a compelling argument and we are looking for investors to facilitate the production of 100% pure fresh New Zealand rain water for the future.

future of rain

is looking really good for a clean, pure, fresh drinking water that is cheaper to harvest than pumping it up from the ground.

future of water

A 2009 Gallop Poll said that over 84% of people worry ‘ a great deal’ about polluted drinking water – and having clean drinking water in the future.

One thing is for sure – there will be more people, and less water.